Simon Smith

Simon is an established food and drink photographer with over 20 years' experience, working from his large studio in west London. He undertakes advertising, editorial, packaging and PR commissions for a wide range of clients. The studio has an extensive collection of props and backgrounds in contemporary and vintage styles.

Simon Smith Pork pieSimon Smith LemonsSimon Smith LemonadeSimon Smith Roast lambSimon Smith PoppadomsSimon Smith MarmaladeSimon Smith BiscottiSimon Smith Beer and corn chipsSimon Smith Bramley applesSimon Smith Apple crumbleSimon Smith Fish and chipsSimon Smith Red wineSimon Smith StollenSimon Smith Sponge pudding with custardSimon Smith Bowl of fruitSimon Smith Chelsea bunsSimon Smith CaipirinhaSimon Smith Tuna TinsSimon Smith Portuguese custard tartsSimon Smith Breakfast roll
SimonSmith Pork pie
Title: Pork pie

Simon Smith

6 Sun Studios
30 Warple Way
W3 0RX
United Kingdom

Telephone:  + 44 (0)20 8749 5888
Mobile:  + 44 (0)7976 258 660

Image Information

Pork pie with tomatoes

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