Gail Glaser

Working predominately in line and watercolour. Subject range includes florals, natural history, domestic animals, heraldic icons and decorative architectural details. Inspired by my passion for plants, nature and decorative design of different cultures and centuries. Commissions include: Greeting...[expand/hide bio]

Gail Glaser LunarGail Glaser Jimbo  Kodiak bearGail Glaser MarigoldGail Glaser SqueakyGail Glaser Beautiful JackdawGail Glaser DaffyGail Glaser ZiggyGail Glaser Syrian bear  JennyGail Glaser Springer spanielGail Glaser Nordic Forest WreathGail Glaser Old English roses & gold crownGail Glaser Thanksgiving wreathGail Glaser Cornus kousa & butterfliesGail Glaser Sakura  (Cherry blossom)Gail Glaser Vintage BouquetGail Glaser Seashells and starfishGail Glaser Crystal and pearlsGail Glaser Carved Stone RosesGail Glaser A verdigris WyvernGail Glaser Fleur-de-Lys Church Window
Title: Lunar

Gail Glaser

United Kingdom


Image Information

Greyhound study for the Lunar- Foundation, Germany Watercolour

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