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A high-quality creative source book distributing tailored content to over 3000 subscribers across Europe & many thousands more globally through online, email and social content broadcasts.

Contact is split into 2 sections: ‘Illustration & Design’ & ‘Photography & Film'. A modern printed art resource, each edition is tailored individually with exclusive additional artwork samples.

Key Information

  • Over 3000 personalised copies distributed to key commissioning subscribers across UK & Europe.
  • Worldwide distribution of digital editions through e-mail, social & online.
  • Single page = 216x280mm
    Double page = 432x280mm .
  • Includes additional front-section & specialist supplements featuring artwork tailored to the recipient's requirements.

    Artwork deadline: 25th March 2016 Release date: May 2017

    How it works

    Our team of phone agents call and speak directly with professionals working in ad agencies, design departments and publishers to identify those who are responsible for commissioning freelance creatives.

    We also ask a few quick questions to find out which types of creative content they are most interested in, so we can tailor the content of each Contact book to be more relevant to the individual that receives it.

    Using this information we have compiled a distribution list of over 3000 professional prospects of guaranteed quality to receive tailored editions of our printed book and many thousands more who opt for digital updates.

    To give us the content we need, each book contributor will submit either single or double page artwork separately for each of the 3 sections:

    1) Main Artwork Section
    This is seen by all recipients so should feature your latest, greatest and favorite artwork

    2) Targeted front-section
    A selection of artwork focusing on one of 4 industry segments: Advertising, Design, Publishing or New-Media

    3) Additional supplement
    Specialist artwork samples relevant to 1 of 6 industry sectors: Transport/Travel, Children/Education, Architecture/Events, Fashion/Retail, Science/Technology, Food/Drink.


    - Images required at 100%-110% of true size as 300dpi flat tiff files in standard Adobe CMYK.

    - Solid blacks should be 100% black + 40% cyan to ensure accuracy.

    - We advise against using 4 colour greys as these colours are almost impossible to reproduce accurately.

    - All entries must adhere strictly to our fixed-format layout template/s.

    - Captions, contact details & page comments will be displayed in pre-defined fixed font (frutiger variant).

    Maximum 50 photographer & 100 design & illustration spaces available. CLICK HERE TO BOOK-IN NOW
    Artwork submission opens: 5th October 2016. Artwork deadline: 5th December 2016. Release: April 2017

    Please call on 01737 241 399 or email sales@contact-creative.com to discuss or if you have any questions.

    PRICE LIST 2016* Single Page Double Page Additional
    Double Pages
    Upfront Payment £550+VAT £950+VAT £750+VAT
    Monthly Payments † £100+VAT x 6 months
    (£600+VAT total)
    £180+VAT x 6 months
    (£1080+VAT total)
    £140+VAT x 6 months
    (840+VAT total)

    * Prices include online portfolio membership to contact-creative.com until March 2018
    † Payment split into 12 invoices, issued at the start of every month & due within 14 days

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