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Q. I can’t view folios/Links from listings do not open

A. To view a folio you should be able to click on a name from the A-Z listings. This Javascript link opens a new window with the member’s details/imagery. If the new window does not open when you select a name it could be for a number of reasons:

* Norton Antivirus - if you are running this software it’s worth checking the programme’s preferences to see if it’s set to block pop-up windows (which may block even those links clicked on by you if it’s set to a strict level).

* Active scripting - this must be enabled in your browser for the site to function correctly. If security settings are set to a high level this can be disabled by default. This can be checked in IE6 by: View the "Tools" menu, click "Internet Options", click the "Security" tab, click "Custom Level", Scroll down and you should find a section for "Scripting" - make sure both active scripting and Java are enabled.

* Toolbars - some browser toolbars (such as those provided by Google or Yahoo) may stop pop-up windows from opening, without giving a warning that this has taken place.

* Other pop-up blocking software can also stop the new windows from opening (including the XP one provided by Windows) and not provide you with a message that a window has been blocked.

Try clicking on the following test link - if you are unable to open this simple Javascript link you may have active scripting blocked on your computer or an over-aggressive pop-up blocker (see above). Whether this link works for you or not, you should be able to browse the site via these test pages:

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