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Q. How do I add thumbnail images - why won’t they save to my folio?

A. Thumbnail images are auto-created by the site by displaying a crop to the centre of your image. You may upload your own thumbnail image here should you wish:

*These must be 72dpi RGB Jpg files with the dimensions set at 128 pixels along it’s longest side.

*When uploading a thumbnail image, the file name MUST be exactly the same as the corresponding full sized file. The system will not relate the two files otherwise. So where one image might be named "MyImage1.jpg" it’s thumbnail currently named "MyImage1_thumbnail.jpg", and so on, will not be recognised.

Go to "edit portfolio" Upload files individually by clicking on the "upload thumbnail" line of text directly below the small view of the full image on screen that you wish to upload the thumbnail for.

Browse your thumbnail folder for the correct image and upload the cropped version.

Note: the small image does not change on screen - this shows a small version of your main full image and not the thumbnail image.

To check your thumbnails are correct go to the Control Panel and click on "view your portfolio". This opens up another window showing you your portfolio as it is seen by users browsing the site.

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