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Q. How do I keyword an image?

A. When you login you will have several options laid out in front of you, click on "Edit Your Portfolio/s". You will now have a list of your folio/s normally labelled "folio 1". Click on this link. You will now find your images laied out for you to view. Under each image you will find boxes labelled "Choose Your Own Tags" and "Choose Set Tags" These are where you can add keywords. Click on either one of these labelled boxes (depending on if you wish to use your own keywords or a keyword from a provided list). Once you have clicked on these boxes it will show you under this box a window of attached keywords and either "Add More Tags" or "choose more!" click on these links to get the keyword options. For set keywords choose from the provided list and click on "Add" followed by "Use These Tags" When creating your own keyword enter the word in the provided space (this will be the rectangle with "15 character limit" beside it) then click on submit.

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