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Q. Can I add an animation to my portfolio?

A. Illustrators may now add 5 animation/media files to their account.

When you login you will have several options laid out in front of you, click on "Edit Your Portfolio/s". You will now have a list of your folio/s normally labelled "folio 1". Click on this link. You will now find the window will have a statement "This portfolio has 0 out of 5 media files allowed. Would you like to upload another?" Click on the "upload another?" part of this statement. This will give you the upload window.

To upload your movie file you will need to fill out all parts of the form. First start by clicking on the button "Choose File" You will find that this will open a navigation window just like when opening a file in any other software program.

Once you have navigated your way to the chosen movie file click "choose". This window will now disappear and the name of the file will now appear next to the "choose" button.

For this to display correctly in the portfolio you will need to provide a thumbnail image, this needs to be 128 pixels in the largest dimension. Click on the "Choose File" next to the "Associated Thumbnail" title, follow the same navigation as you did to choose the movie clip. To make sure your movie clip displays correctly you need to provide the height and width dimensions.

Enter the title for the clip in the space next to "File Title" and change the "Media Type" setting to be the same as the clip you are about to upload. Finally check all the details are correct before you click on "Submit" to complete the uploading of your animation.

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