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Q. How can I increase the hits on my folio?

A. The best thing you can do is use the website’s search function to it’s full extent. The search functions on the site will use the image title, description, set tags and user tags (which you input yourself). I would advise putting in your own tags in the user tag section. Inputting a good variety of relevant words across all your images should increase your chances of being picked up in a search and is well worth spending the time on.

You can enter up to 10 of your own words per image and can basically enter any words you feel are relevant - be it to the subject of the image, or the style, etc. So the image might be of a man walking his dog on a beach - keywords might be man, dog, beach, seascape, and so on. Using as many different words as you can across all your images might be advisable, afterall, the more options you go for the more chance one of your images will have of being picked up.

As the front page is constantly displaying the latest images uploaded to the site it might also be worth regularly uploading images to your folio - giving you that extra bit of exposure on the front page. We do find some of our users will change their images quite frequently (every other week perhaps) - giving them a regular presence on the front page.

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